any 1 getting bad indigestion?? lol

hello everyone, just wondering if ne of u have suffered from indigestion, i seem to get mine most at night, at about 1 in morning same time lol dnt know why!!, have been using gavisgon, but they only works for a lil bit!, ive tried nt eating b4 i go bed, but im starving lol and having milk, sorry to go on lol chels 27 +1 xxxx


  • Hi, I have been suffering the same thing but being woke up 4/5 times a night. I spoke to my midwife and she prescribed peptec (sp) to take before bed and every time it occurs. Has worked so far. I also went to boots and they gave me something called mucogel not as nice as the peptac. Hope this helps!
  • blimey tell me about it! Been getting it recently almost everyday and seems to be in my throat (?!) NOTHING gets rid of it! Gaviscon works for a while - the one thing i found does help is Chocolate Nesquick (sp?) seems to make it dissappear for longer!

    Laura 22+6 xx
  • I walk around with the Gaviscon bottle almost attached to my mouth lol
    It doesnt matter if i eat/dont eat/drink/dont drink. I only have to think about eating and it starts grrrrrrr

    WHats worse is drinking that Gaviscon advance stuff...errrrrrr its gross, all gloopy and yukky lol
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