strange dream

hi everyone
im really really pissed off this morning, i had such a realistic dream last nite.
i dreamt that i had my baby i was in the hospital everything was ok with baby although i was 33 weeks pg when i had her and i was holding her after and she was perfect she weighed 6 pounds 8oz (thats how realistic it was) and we brought her home the same day, i even posted about it on here!!!!

now that im awake i cant shake the dream and im really pissed off that i woke up and im still pg!!!!
how stupid is that!!!!!!!!


  • Lol! I've had some v strange dreams too - most recent was the start of World War 3 and when i woke up i had to check out the window to see if anything had actually been bombed!!!
    This pregnancy malarky does some weird & wonderful things, eh!?!?
    Sarah xx
  • yh very weird and wonderful!!!
    i was just so disappointed i just thought no not fair i did it she was here lol
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