Due today!

Hey ladies d day has arrived and im soo fed up dont think anything is going to happen looks like ill be bobbing over to due in may 08 lol here comes 12 days over again i think booooo good luck to all who have had babies already and to those who like me are still waiting lol Sophie 40weeks today xx



  • Hi - I'm in the same boat, 1 day overdue. Can see myself going 14 days over, hoping to get an induction date on thurs so at least something to look forward to! I'm doing quite well though, not fed up yet, just in denial that this bub is ever coming I think lol xxx


  • Erm, Jump up and down, would say take long walk but weather is horrid! so.... sex? or is that swear word now?!
    best of luck to you both, fingers crossed!
  • hope u pop soon sophie,good luck! hanna 36wks xx
  • Ooh I hope your little one makes an appearance soon and doesn't keep you waiting too long! xxxx


  • Thanks ladies ive tried the sex flirtyfilly ive tried everything Clary Sage rasp tea curry hot baths u name it ive tried it just come to realise she will arrive when she arrives got the 1st of May in mind for some reason hears hoping lol Sophie 40wks xx


  • sophies baby and you tiggerlillys baby get out now ur mums have been waiting long enough lol go on you know u want to get born already xxxxxx good luck hunnis xxxxxxxx
  • Good luck to you both!! The wait will soon be over x x x x
  • I have tried lots of things too - sex I can safely say it doesn't work as tried it every day last week, and not even the slightest twinge. Didnt try it purely to start labour though - I seem to have got my sex drive back now much to my OH delight lol! I have been having lots of the raspberry leaf tablets as well. But haven't noticed anything. xxx


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