Im 32 weeks pregnant on tuesday.
Last week I had to have glucose tests done at hospital for possible diabetes, as my baby is on the large size.
Im still waiting for my results.
Anyway on the same day later in the afternoon i had routine blood tests taken from my midwife at my doctors practice.
Today i have recieved a letter form my doctor stating that the blood tests taken by the midwife suggest vitamin deficiencys in my system,
I have to go to hospital on monday to have these tests done.
Now im really worried i have not got a clue what these tests are for. Ive just sat online looking for blood abbreviation web sites found a couple, but wondered if any of you ladies could help.

They are for
BC, B12, RBCF, T.
I guess it may be hormonal but I feel bit like a failure today as I thought i was eating really well and doing all the right things.
My partner says i should not worry as I had the tests done several hours after a glucose test which meant 10 hour food fast and drinking loads of luzcodade and was bound to have an effect on the midwife tests.

Has anyone had these test done before?

thank you
Rachael x


  • Hi Rachael, not had this before but didn't want to read and run! Try not to worry as your oh says that not eating will have a huge impact on the results. I would speak to your midwife and ask her to re do the bloods on a normal eating day and see what the results are then. Take care, Tammi xxx
    35 wks
  • Hi hun

    B12- is to do with anaemia
    RBCF- Red blood cell flow i think
    BC- Blood Count
    dont worry ask midwife to explain the results or a doctor
    Take care hunny

    Tracey 34.6 weeks
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