stretching or something to worry about??

Am 14 weeks and today my sickness has really eased off just occasional bouts of nausea. Im having a few lower tummy niggles more to either side of my abdo not really central, not painful just aware of them, no bleeding (touvh wood!) do you think its just things stretching? Am going to listen to Heartbeat later so that should reassure me. I wish I could just chill and enjoy this pregnancy!!


  • Thanks, My mate who is a mw listened last week for heartbeat and picked it up so i know (fingers crossed) i should hear it. x
  • Hey FunkyMonkey my midwife heard heartbeat at 13 weeks and I'm 15 weeks now. The pains your getting sound very similar to the ones I've experienced (were around the same stage) try not to worry sure everything is fine image xxx
  • I get the same sort of pulling/stretching pains when I turn over in bed.
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