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I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have been suffering badly with hayfever. My pharmasist sold me some homeopathic remedy which to be honest isn't much use. I've since read an article that Green Tea is a natural antihistamine, am i ok to drink this?

I've purchased a pack of Twinings Green Tea with Orange and Lotus Flower - any comments would be gratefully received.

I'm new to pregnancy - and don't know a thing!!!


  • I am suffering really bad from it too. this is my second and i am 18 weeks but to be honest it is putting a bit of a downer on it. I believe that green tea is ok to drink but it doesnt actually do much. To be honest i have been finding nasal sprays and just steaming like you would with a cold has been helping too. Good luck x
  • Hi,

    Was recommended eating honey made by local bees as they use the flowers from the local area and produce a natural histamine which is in the honey.

    See if you can get hold of some local honey from a local farm shop.

    Hope this helps.

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