bloody scary !!!

after reading all the posts about prem babies and labour posts on here ,,,,,,

my cat yesterday wouldnt leave me alone all day which normally justs sleeps and eats ! as i sat with my laptop on the sofa he was so far up against me i was pushing him off ! ( they do say cats know when something is wrong!)

half 2 3pm i started to get a strange numbness in my right thigh,, which at first i thought was my spd playing up and so sat on the birth ball and bobbed around for a bit but half 4 i could bearly stand on it and it had gone so numb but was throbbing i decided to have a bath. by the time oh got home at half6 i was crying in pain and so called my mum! and she said to call nhs direct. so called them who said sounds serious go to the labour ward!

so im like OMG!! im only 31 weeks!!

get to the hospital and they take me to the labour ward stick me to this machine so they can monitor lo heart beat and movements something called a trace i think and leave me there !

well im stuck there not having a bloody clue whats going on for about an hour wondering if lo coming thinking i only had leg pain now im laying in the delivary suit !!!

luckly all is well and lo is fine,,,,
apparently leg/theigh numbness can be the start of labour well i never knew that!! luckly they think it is down to lo moving and trappping nerves but at least i have had a chance to see what the rooms are like !! wasnt very impressed with the fact that i wasnt told what was going on and oh was getting bored after and hour of being there i was like god your going to be bloody useless when the time comes !!!!

bloody scary though,,, i mean im glad i have everything sorted ready for when the time does come and i think its actually helped me abit not being so scared about the birth now as i know what to expect a bit more now !!!

just thought id share my little experience incase you lot exprience anything simular!! hopefully all of the aprils will hang on ill then !!!
i know i gave my bump a sturn talking to and told him not to scare me again at least not for another 6-7 weeks!!
oh well 64 days and counting !!


  • Oh god I'm glad ur alright!! That must have been so scary especially if they wouldn't even say what was happening. I haven't had any scares yet with my lo but my oh's mum keeps asking me to pack my labour bag already (I'm 30 wks!) just in case. Lol. xxx
  • OH MY GOD you must have been so confused and scared with the pain! it was bad enough wwith SPD and sciatica and then to have baby spine to spine was horrendous i was nearly crying with the pain! i'd have hated to be in your position i would have freaked out!
  • Oh dear, glad to hear all is ok but sounds very scary.

    I have had similar pains tho but not as severe as yours were, in my hips almost & down my legs, cant walk sometimes, and now i have a numb achy pain the the low of my back - almost in my bum. The things we have to put up with eh ! I think baby has dropped tho so thats whats bothering me as i feel really heavy low down now. I'm due same day as you so maybe its babies way of getting ready !! Suppose i should get on with packing my bags ready too soon x

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