im due!!!!!

just thought id share with every1 that i am due today!!!! although no sign of baby as of yet. had a show the other day, so im hoping things aint gonna be too long!! will keep you all posted!!

love a very excited gracie and bump 40 weeks xxx


  • Oooooo, hope you don't have to wait tooo long hun and you get to meet bump real soon.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi Gracie,

    I'm due today aswell!! Had a show on Thursday and being having lots of tell tale pains ever since, however they die off when i go to bed! So annoying, I hope we have our los very soon as i'm so excited and running out of things to clean!! Will keep you posted! xxx
  • yey!! hope u meet ur baby soon!! elaine xx

  • OMG how exciting for you both! Really really hope you are holding your lo's very soon! I cant imagine how impatient you must be feeling to just get it over with :lol: Good luck to you both! xx

  • Wow you guys must be soooo excited! Keep us posted as they pop out!!!

    Hope they don't keep you waiting too long.....
  • wow exciting!hope ur babys r here soon and good luck with the labour hope all goes well,hanna 33 wks xxx
  • congrats hun xxx i didnt ave a show with my first and went 10 days over. had my show a couple of hours after labour started with my 2nd and he came before 9am on my duedate. a show is a very good sign things are gonna happen soon xxxx
  • thanks for all your comments girls!! i really hope thing will happen soon!! just found out that my friend who is due next week is being induced on friday coz the baby is getting too big!! god dammit!!! does make you slightly jealous when these things happen!!!

    been having braxton hicks but thats about all!!! so no sign yet!!

    keep u posted.

    gracie and bump xx
  • hey girls.

    good luck to you both, keep us posted xxxx
  • good luck, hope your LO doesn't keep you waiting too long.
    Em x
  • aww thats great, how exciting! goodluck both of ya and keep us posted! XX

  • tall katie, a show is ur mucous plug coming out. the thing that blocks up inside ur cervix.

    am officially overdue now. its a bit gutting especially when ur days at the top of the page turn to -0!!!! so, no progress yet. im so fed up!! have been pregnant fpr the best part of a year,done my very best for this baby and she cant even be arsed to come out so i can give her a cuddle!! the cheek!!! lol!!

    carina?? u popped yet??

    gracie and bump xxx
  • oh it wont be long love, whens your next midwife appointment if you dont go in before then of course!

  • im going to get a sweep on monday if i havent had her by then, but it aint my normal midwife. thank god!! i hate her so much!! every1 i know hates her!! she makes ppl cry shes that nasty and patronising!! but shes the only 1 who does community in our area. but i dont think i have to see her again until after babys born as she doesnt work in the hospital im booked into.

    no signs of baby yet, went on a mad cleaning spree this afternoon. so tired and achy now!! lol!!

    grace and bump xxx
  • still no sign of baby. had a really sharp pain down my side last nite after a steamy session (sorry tmi!!) to see if that would budge her. thought things were happening, but oh no!! this girls got other ideas!! lol!!

    love grace and bump 40 + 2 xxx
  • lol.
    uv made it really comfy for her in there - she just dosnt want to come out!!

    Good excuse for more steamy sesions - thats what got my youngest moving!!

    hope its not too long b4 u get to meet her!!

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