20 Week scan and we are having-

A GIRL!!!!!
We all wanted a girl (my 9 year old son did mainly so he doesn't have to share his room!), I had actually convinced myself it would be a boy so I wouldn't be upset!! image

All is ok, though she is already head down and with her back to my tummy-and being a typical female she wouldn't turn round to show us her face!! :lol:

Lydia xx


  • Congratulations...
    I can't wait to find out what sex i'm having.
  • congratulations, think of it a whole new girly to buy shoes for lol or is that just my obssession lolxxx
  • congratulations
    I was the same when they told it was a girl i was sure it was a boy when i had her i still had to make sure and have a look. i too wont a girl i have two boys it is lovely have a girl hope all goes well for you. My little girl is 4 weeks old now and i have loved butting her in pink
  • aww congratulations! Have you got a name?
  • Ahh- cool! Well done! Bet your son is over the moon he doesn't have to share his room! ha!

    I'm having a boy- your lucky!!! My partners mates have all said so far- "awesome you get to perv over his girlfirend" err sick!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!! x
  • Congratulations on yourl little girl image
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