Ouch this hurts, been in a dark room for hours and this screen hurts. Its been 24 hours now. Please anyone what can Ido? I cant take any pills. Ahhhhhh wanna hit my head on the wall.

Will pop back when I can if any one posts.




  • Cold flannel on head, paracetamol and lots of water xxxx
  • suziewoo- i can sympathise, i'm a migraine sufferer. you can take paracetamol up to normal max dose- so do it! also try one of those 4head sticks or those cold sticky pads, you can use both in preg.
    i also find that rubbing a tiny bit of vicks vaporub on my temples and sinuses provides a little temporary relief!
    good luck, i know how you feel.
  • Cocodamol is also ok in pregnancy - bit stronger than paracetamol on it's own as it contains codeine to give it a bit of a boost.

  • hey,

    i also suffer. the doctor told me to take paracetamol, but if it gets reallt bad take 1 Cocodamol.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • A friend of mine suffers with the most horrendous migraine and I know she uses a heated pad which she lies on. Maybe you could try resting your head on a hot-water bottle?
  • Thank you all. I only just made it back in here and my head is still banging. I didnt want to take any pills but I think I am going to have too :cry:

    I should have said I had tried the flannel/heat thing and the forehead stick but they have not worked for me.

    Thank you ofr replying its a comfort just to read you replied to me.

  • I had my first migraine (with aura which was so scary) when I was 9 weeks and can honestly relate to how you feel. I didn't want to take any meds either but they are safe so if its been over 24hrs maybe its now worth a shot?

    I hope you feel better soon x
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