Wierd Feelings..

Hello girlies and bumps hope everyones ok.

ive been getting wired feelings all day it feels like grinding bone down below. and also my hands have been tingling aswell.. any ideas of what it is?? xxxx


  • Sorry hun, not sure but didn't want to r&r. Maybe the baby is trapping a nerve hence the tingly fingers... not sure about the grinding though?!
  • Hey not sure about the grinding.
    As for the finger tingling there's a condition called carpel tunnel syndrome which isn't serious. But this is more like pins and needles from the wrist down so its probably not that, I'd google it and see if you have the same symptoms.
    Hope this helps!




  • thanks for your replies.. yeah i will google it and see! ive tried google for the grinding but nothing comes up with what im feeling :\( its sometimes painful. but mostly uncomfortable.. xxx
  • how far a long are you?
  • could be the start of head engaging, your pelvis area loosens etc. Did you mean the feeling in that area?
  • yeah in that area, its really wierd it does feel like its opening up with a lot of grinding lol xx
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