Advice needed on Polyhydramnios

I have had to have tests today at ante natal clinic for Polyhydramnios (excessive fluid around the baby).

I am absolutely terrified as the consultant has told me that our baby could die :cry:

I am 32+4 weeks into my pregnancy and our baby's approx weight is 5LB 12OZ which is large. I am an insulin dependant diabetic also which doesnt help.

Has anyone had Polyhydramnios or know anything about it.

Im so scared that after trying for our much wanted baby for 4 years we are going to lose him.

The doctor has not said anything that has put my mind at rest and has just worried me even more.


Thanks you

bm xx.

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  • Can't believe that your consultant was so tactless, that's so out of order. Obviously you want/need to be aware of the risks etc but there's ways of doing that without scaring you witless. Stooooopid man. Anyway, I had suspected polyhydramnios in my second pg and had to have fortnightly scans in the last 8 weeks as I was measuring 5 weeks ahead of my dates. Turns out, for me, that DD was just a chunky monkey like her big bro had been. It's possible that this could be the case for you too, especially given your diabetes. One piece of advice that I was given was that if my waters did break early then I had to get down on all fours and stick my bum in the air whilst calling an ambulance. The thinking behind this is that because of the extra fluid baby floats around more and once waters go the liklehood of the cord getting stuck between baby and your cervix increases. The highly unattractive position stops the cord getting stuck as baby can't press on the cervix while you're like that meaning that all their supplies are mantained through the cord. Totally second Wanna-Bump's comments about google~step well away from it!
    Sorry I've waffled but hope it's helped a bit.
    Take care.
  • Ahhhh thanks ladies. You have helped put my mind at rest.

    Colabottle~ My consultant was actually a woman so I would have thought she would have been a bit ore tactful.

    My appointments have now gone weekly but im worried in case something happens during the week.

    I will bare what you have both said in mind, especially the bit about getting on all 4's. I will do annything to make sure my baby makes it into the world as safely as possible.

    Thank you again image

    bm xx

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