What do your babys

movements feel like??

Im 27wks 2morrow, and had a show on saturday image that night i felt very leaky down there, been checked out and the labour ward said it may be my hind waters, which should be fine and im having a scan in 2wks to check the level of them....

Anyway, i was just wondering what movements felt like from your babies around now - the same thing happened with my last lo (slow leaking hind waters..) and his kicks never felt soft, more like a bone being pulled around from the inside!!! And now its started again with this lil man - no soft kicks/movements - just feels like his foot/arm is going to break out at some point!!!! Not sure if this is because my level has gone down again or if its normal for it to feel like that??? Im no skinny minny either, a large size 12 so a bit of padidng :lol:

kim 26+6 xxxxxxxxx


  • Hi Kim
    I'm 30+4 when baby moves I feel like my insides are being stretched, along with a desperate urge to wee, and then my bump will go hard normally on the right hand side and I'll see part of baby sticking up!! On the other hand, sometimes it feels like my stomach is being used as a punch bag, this tends to be in the middle of the night!! I wouldn't say any of the movements feel soft its very definate, this little one doesn't want to be ignored!!!
  • Thanx for your reply pumba!

    I am measuring 4wks ahead so not sure if thats why i feel him alot more....!!! U can tell whats, what when hes moving already.....you can cup your hand around his head at times! Maybe hes very strong, its more the sharp movements that worry me...or maybe its just normal for me....!!!!
  • im 29 +1 and the baby wont stop moving. for the last few days it feels like its been swimming lengths in my uterus, trying out different type of swiimming strokes as its going along. it can actally be quite painful!
    when i'm trying to sleep at night it objects to me sleeping on my side and constantly kicks the side thats on the mattress.
  • Ru having a boy sleepybeccie - my lil man does that all the time, its so funny!!!!! Oh didnt believe me til i made him lay behind me and put his hand underneath! xxx
  • we dont know what we're having. wanted the suprise. its funny cause everytime my OH puts his hand on my tummy the baby stops moving, lol x
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