saw da bubba

I've been for my dating scan! i'm officailly 11.5 whihc is where we thought i was originally lol will upload scan pic as soon as i can image hoppe all are well HUGE HUGS Debz and lil bear!


  • Awww congratulations :\) :\) :\) I didn't get a 12 week scan so it's a long wait until my 20-week on Monday. You must be so reassured! x
  • Congrats!
    Had my dating scan yesterday - am 12+2. And its not twins and I'm not due imminently like everyone keeps telling me based on size of bump. Debz - you must also be due in June? I'm due 16th.
  • lol thanks girls : i am very reassured an't really concentrate at work lmao yes claudia i'm due 3 days before my birthday on the 20th lol perfect timing lol half way between the year image
    I'm not having twins either and i have been lowered from high risk to low risk too so very good news on my half lol i'm fat anyways so not too noticable other than the clothes not fitting but hey like i care my bubba is 50mm and has a heart beat image can make out hand two feet and head with shadows where eyes are image
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