Any teachers??? pension question...

i have elected to keep my pension contributions going whilst on maternity leave but was just wondering will they take the same amount or will the deductions be reduced as my pay will be reduced? Also is that the case for student loan deductions? I currently pay ??81 per month to the SLC...will that be reduced?

I plan on going back to work part time (0.5 or 0.6 of timetable) will my pension/student loan payments be reduced then?

K 29+6


  • Im not 100% sure on this one, but would assume that your student loan payments will be less. I think you pay a % of your earnings, so once your on maternity and your money starts getting less and less so will your student loan payments. Obviously to begin with the maternity pay if fairly similar to wages (im assuming you will get OMP) so your payments will be similar to begin with. But as ive said im sure its a % so when you earn less you pay less.

    Im also sure this is the same as the pension. Im sure we dont pay a set amount, again we pay a % of our wages. I wouldnt want to pay as much as i do if i were part time, id think it would be a hefty amount of my wages and would therefore not see the point of working part time!!

    When you go back part-time this will work the same think, you wont pay as much for either becasue you dont earn as much.

    I hope this makes sense, ive not looked into it too much yet, this is all based on assumption.

  • I didn't know we could keep paying pension throughout maternity leave. I might stop paying mine, any money we can get will help! Do you know whether we have to let them know quite far in advance that we want to stop paying into our pension? I'm only 4 + 5 so hopefully don't need to do anything for quite a long time yet! image
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