How many scans?

I live in South Staffs and went to the docs this week after getting bfp last weekend. Things seem to have changed a bit since my first baby a couple of years ago. It seems as though you only get one scan now - I haven't spoken to a midwife yet ( I have to wait for them to contact me apparently) but the receptionist gave me a schedule of care which only mentions one scan at 18 - 20 weeks. If this is right then I think this is a real shame. The 12 week scan I had with my first baby was so special. The first chance to see my little bean and know that all the horrible symptoms I'd been getting weren't for nothing! Also, I the baby was clearer to see on this first scan. When I had my 20 week scan the little bean had gotten a bit too big to see clearly. Is there anyone else on here a bit further along than me with a bit more info?


  • Hiya,
    I think it's different in different areas, although i've usually heard of people gettin a 12 wk scan and not a 20 week one but again it's jst a case of the postcode lottery. However there is always the chance that the docs receptionist has got in wrong and you do get a 12 week scan, if the mw doesn't contact u soon, contact her and check. It's a shame if u don't tho cos i agree it is really special!
  • I thought everybody got a 12 week scan? I had one and so did everyone I've spoken to. Give your midwife/ GP a call hun to check. Probably just a mix-up. Unless going by your dates you're further along than you're thinking? xxx
  • Hiya, i'm 19 weeks now and in my area we only get one scan which is at 16 weeks. It was horrible not having the 12 week scan so I booked a private one. I have also got a private 20 week annomally scan on tuesday which is costing ??95. It does really annoy me as most peole have had these scans for free and I have to pay ??145 for them. It's not on and all areas should be the same and do a 12 and 20 week
  • Not all areas do a 12 week scan - mine doesn't. A scan between 16-22 weeks is the only compulsory one as it's the one where most abnormalities are detected...a dating scan is irrelevent medically unless you have no idea how far on you are. (unless they do nuchal scanning and most areas dont offer this on the NHS.)

    When I was 12 weeks I missed out on a scan completely as, although the area I was living in at the time offered one, I had already had two early scans due to bleeding...I was really upset that I had to wait 11 weeks for the next one. It is really annoying!!! xxx

  • i had 12 week and got 20 week but also have to have a scan at 34 weeks to check baby's growth as i am small xx
  • The original info I was given from the doctor didn't mention a 12 week scan (only 18w), but when I had my booking in appointment with the midwife, she then gave me the details for who to contact and when. I had thought up to that point that I wasn't getting one either. Do you have an appointment booked with your midwife? You could ask her then.

    Corinna x
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