Quinny Puschair

Hi girls just wanted to share my exciting news that our new Quinny Buzz arrived today. It took us a while to decide what we wanted but we got there in the end and are very pleased with our purchase.
We got the whole travel system(car seat and not pram),sun canopy,raincover for car seat and shopping basket all for ??385.00! Can't wait to use it now so i'm counting down the last 12 weeks till our precious little princess will be born.
Claire x


  • Oooh lucky you! my pram won't be ready for weeks. What colour did you choose and have to taken it for a test drive?
  • Hi Claire

    Really pleased you got your new Quinny....We are saving hard for one as it is the one I would really love....How did you manage to get it at such a reasonable price??

    Bet you can't wait to get your new arrival in it and show her off to everybody!!

  • Hi Katimac
    We have looked in shops and all over the internet and this is the best website we could find. Good luck with your saving and i hope you get what you want!
    Claire x

  • Wow! This is a really good tip and the cheapest I can find it. This website also do a package with the pram which I tempted by. Has anyone else seen a similar Quinny package cheaper?

    I've fallen in love with the Quinny stuff and can probably convince my hubby if we can get the price down.

    Ta muchly!

    J x
  • Fantastic - Thanks for this, I'm not buying yet but I've decided I want the quinny and although my mum and dad have said they'll buy the pram I'll feel less guilty if I can get it for less! xxx
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