midwife led unit or hospital?

I had Tegan in a hospital and used gas and air and then had an epidural and was planning on going to the same hopsital this time around, however i went to our local midwife led unit last night for monitoring and it was sooo nice and homely in there. the reception area was like a living room, had a huge flat screen tv and lounging chairs, dinning table etc and the staff seemed alot nicer too, as its quieter there they have alot more time than the midwives do at hospital. so im now debating wether to go there now, they also have a birthing pool. Thing is 1st time around i went a bit loopy up untill i had the epidural but i think this was partly due to being left in a room on my own (oh was there 2) for 2 hours with just gas and air, i hadnt been told how to use it so was using it constantly rather than when i just had contractions so it then made me a bit hysterical lol so im worried that if i went to a midwife led unit then i wouldnt cope as they only have gas and air and pethidine i think. so what im asking is...do you think its silly to go to the hospital where its not as nice just because im scared of not being able to have an epi? and for those that have had a water birth, was it good pain relief? sorry to ramble on but i cant make up my mind and time is soon running out.

Hannah 35 wks today image xxx


  • I don't think it's silly at all!! But have you spoken to the Midwife Led Unit about your experience last time and the possibility that you may need or want an epidural this time? Might be worth discussing it with them to understand how they usually handle this; would it mean moving you to a hospital mid labour anyway if so how long would it take / how far is it and what are the risks or can they call out a doctor to do the epidural etc. I would talk it through with them first before making a decision. This labour might be different and you might not need an epidural anyway.... HTH and good luck!
  • i don't think ur silly at all. but as u say u may cope better than last time if ur receiving more one to one care so more relaxed and know how to use the g&a properly. and if u did find that u really do want another epi then they can transfer u to the hospital so it wldn't mean having to go with out. definately speak to ur mw or the staff at the birth centre about these questions, and remember that u don't have to make a desicion until ur in labour, and even then u can change ur mind half way thru. also i don't know if ur birth centre is same but the one i'm going to says that if u do transfer to the hospital u can always transfer back to the birth centre once baby is here and checked over.

  • Hi Hannah
    I had my last 2 in a midwife led unit as it was much nicer than the local hospital!
    I had a waterbirth with gas and air and this was enough (for me) as i felt so relaxed. The unit was so quiet, they kept the lights dimmed and the midwives were lovely.
    I know everyone is different but i would say go for it! and as Siany has said you can always ask to transefer if you feel you need more pain relief..
  • Hannah if you have got the chance I would go for midwife led unit. My last pregnancy ended in pre-eclampsia so its a no go for me but would love the chance......
    Kirsty xx
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