Q for anyone who has had spotting in early preg

If you dont mind sharing! How heavy was your spotting in early preg,what was it like and how long did it last? Did you ave any pains/ cramping and what did they feel like? Thanks!


  • I had spotting before I had my BFP. When I got the positive result I assumed it had been implantation bleeding but apparently that only last a couple of days and mine ended up lasting for about 2 weeks. I didn't have any pain with it but saw my GP and she booked me in for a check up the following week. She did say it could be early signs of miscarriage but it couldn't be stopped if it was. Then said she'd do tests if it was still there next week. It stopped 2 days later!

    Then I had some more bleeding at about 11 weeks and had an emergency scan done and baby was still fine. That also lasted for about 2 weeks. They said that it could have been due to my cervix being slightly damaged, probably due to sex. Apparently it's quite sensitive so sex or even having a big poo can lead to bleeding!

    Both times the bleeding was light and I didn't have any associated pain.
    I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and everything is fine. Have you had some problems?
  • hiya i had normal period in month one and three after concieveing and had spotting the second month. The first period was pretty much just like all my others (i had been blessed with calm periods luckily) but my spotting and period while i was three months pregnant realy killed, i went hospital and they said that i had threatened misscarraige but everything is fine still, baby is healthy boy at 22weeks pregnant! sarah xx
  • Hiya. I had brown spotting pretty much every day from week 5 to week 9. It wasn't even enough for a pad but I wore them anyway to keep check on it. In week 9 it turned red and was quite heavy but the heavy flow only lasted a few minutes before subsiding to brown spotting again. I had 2 scans and all was fine - also had another bit of spotting at 11 weeks but it turned out to be nothing as well. I'm now 32 weeks and never got an explanation for it! xxx
  • Thanks for the replies image I had an early internal scan today and the mw was able to see the sac but it was too early to see a heartbeat, Im only be 6 weeks today but she thinks Im behind a few days on my dates due to later ovulation so could only be 5+3 or 4 or possibly less! So not really overly worried about not seeing the heartbeat yet, Ive another scan in 2 weeks so praying I will see it then. Ive had brown spotting since monday, mostly whenI wipe and some brown discharge on my knickers (twice when I wiped it was a v dull watery red) though it disappears overnight! It can go away for hours at a time and only some v mild cramping in my back which also comes and goes but Ive been quite constipated so could well be comming from that. Roll on 20th March so I can see my bean!!
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