im eating healthy and only eating when im hungry, ie not over eating when full up.
im worried that i may not end up putting enough weight on,does anyone worry about this or ad feedback from midwifes,whats best to do.
i keep tellng myself i cant go wrong,but the baby books on how much to eat and when are crazy! but im worried taht eating to helathy i wont be getting enough cals? am i just worrying t o much. i just think i should listen to my body.


  • I didn't put on much weight - 1 stone 5. I lost weight in my first trimester which is why it was so little. I had a huge 9lbs 1oz bub! I don't think how much weight you do or don't put on has any effect on your baby, that's why most midwives dont seem to bother weighing you except at the first appointment.
  • Hiya, how far along are you? I eat pretty healthily and through listening to my body I've put on over a stone but it comes and goes - some weeks I trough, some days my appetite's back at pre-pregnancy state. Also, I try to listen to what I fancy eating - my calcium intake has gone way up, even though normally I'm not too into dairy - it's milk and greens and yogurt every day recently!

    When I was first pregnant I ignored my cravings when they were for crisps or cake, but now I reckon I must actually need more fat - I just try to limit the junk a bit.... a losing battleimage

    Incidentally, I was weighed at my booking in but the mw just took a glance at the scales and put me down at 65kg though I was 62 cos I'd lost my appetite through morning sickness! Since then I've never been weighed - I guess they think I look healthy and the baby's been growing at the right rate at the scans.

    Don't worry - you'll put on all you & baby need if you listen to your bodyimage

  • im very early,just 5 wks monday. but i was just concerned.
    i think you are right,listening to body is key.
  • i have to say today i have eaten.. a banana and mixed fruit salad,cheese and rocket tortilla wrap, a bagel,a granola slice,loads of water and orange juice.

    the thing is i am a slim size 10-12,but i have a little bit of tummy fat and as im eating healthy,im frightened i will lose weight!

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  • I'm not 13 +6 and saw my midwife earlier this week. she said no more than 2 stone is good, but actually as I'm quite petite, she said maybe look to just put a stone on.

    I guess as long as we are eating healthily and not eating for the sake of it, we should be fine.

    So far I've put on 2lbs
  • I was worried at first as i started off a size 8 and am now 21 weeks and at 16wk mw appointment i found out i had lost 7lbs since being 4wks pregnant (not due to sickness as had none). However at my 20 week scan baby is bang on size charts and very healthy, so as long as you are eating normally all will be fine. Like zoey says babies take what they wont and wont suffer. xx
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