pain in coccyx

Has anyone had this at all? I've seem to have developed quite a bad pain at the base of my spine (coccyx), almost as if I've fallen and bruised it (which I know I haven't). I noticed it first sat at work, probably my fault for slumping in front of the PC all day. It really hurt every time I stood up. My job is office-based, sat in front of the computer for long periods of time, so that may have something to do with it. It's now quite painful to sit even on the sofa. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this & what you can do. Seeing the consultant again in a few weeks so I'll ask him also I reckon.
Thanks, Em


  • Hi Em.

    I had this in my first pregnancy and my job was also office based. I used to have to get pulled out of my chair cos i couldn't stand up myself.

    I was sent to physio and given a back brace which didnt help at all. I never got an explanation for it either.

    I get it every now and then in this pregnancy but not as bad.

    Sorry i cant be of much help but i hope you get more further forward than i do!!

    Love heather xx
  • Hi MrsGG

    I've got that now, but also with pain in my pelvis and upper back pain as well. I've been referred to a physio but no idea what it is yet, i've got a pre-existing joint condition so it could be that, spd or something else - no idea and I've got to wait til the 14th Jan to see the physio. I can't walk very far, sit comfortably or turn over in bed so I'm off work at the mo. Don't know what I'm going to do with it being so long to see the physio tho! xxx
  • Hi,

    I experienced bad pains in my coccyx in my first pregnancy (I had taken a fall though)!!! As it was late pregnancy I had already hired a tens machine so I used this to cope with that pain. It was so good I did not even realise when I was having real contractions!!!

    I know that some of the maternity tens are only recommended for late pregnancy but there are some other versions that are a lot cheaper that can be used to cope with such pain you are experiencing and can be used at any time - lloyds pharmacy currently sell one for about ??15.

    Good luck
  • I have had bad pain at base of my back too, it's so low it's almost by my bum. Standing up wasn't painful but getting up from lying down was, and walking down the stairs - owww! image

    I was in a job where I was on my feet all day, and I think this contributed to it...It was a temp job and I'm unemployed now :roll: and it's improved a great deal. I've been walking and swimming & it really does help things. I would ask your mw tbh, I still get it occasionally but it isn't severe so I didn't bother.

    In the meantime, practice good posture, and exercise if you feel up to it! X
  • Thanks all! Tiger Lily - yes, exercise would be good although I seem to have stopped doing any exercise since I got pregnant which is not good! Hubby mentioned that we need to start doing something, so maybe we can do some gentle walking or swimming.
    Good to hear other people get this, although it sounds as if there's not a hugh deal you can do. I'm having twins so wondered if that was contributing to it.
    fazza - I'll look into the tens machine - ta for the advice

    E x
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