Sunbathing while pregnant

Hi Lovely Ladies,
I am off to Florida in three weeks (YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!). It is about 25 degrees there so my question is, can I sun bath? I love the sun but understand that lots of direct heat might not be good for the baby. I intend to wear a tank-teeny or whatever they are called, rather than a bikini, so there will be a layer of material over my bump (should it chose to show itself by then!).
What are your thoughts?


  • Hello honey, wow lucky you! I'm soooo jealous!! As far as i know sunbathing is ok, but you should keep your bump covered, and stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Also make sure you drink tons and tons of water, as with the heat and lots of walking around (i assume you're going to be walking around the theme parks!) you could get dehydrated quite quickly. Its also worth remembering your skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy, so maybe use a suncream for sensitive skin?
    Hope you have a fantastic time!
  • grrrr blooming BE not showing my reply!
  • Actually it is really good for the baby as it increases your levels of vitamin D. See this article from BBC today:

    Enjoy the chance to get some sun while you can!

  • ohhh - I got a lovely tan when pregnant with my 1st over the summer, and that was just out the back garden! Lucky you, enjoy it - and get your belly out if you want - it's not as if you'll be out baking all day long, as long as you're sensible and drink plenty etc you'll be fine
  • Hiya,
    I went to Gran Canaria when I was 18 weeks pregnant and still wore my usual bikinis; I just made sure I drank plenty of water, applied loads of sun cream frequently and didn't get too hot by taking plenty of dips in the pool!

    Have fun!


  • Just thought I'd warn you that my friend sunbathed whilst pregnant, she got a lovely tan but she has also been left with permanant pigmentation marks on her hands and face so you might want to be more careful than usual.
  • how many weeks are you? I am asking because i am only 5 weeks just found out this week and we're goning to cuba in 2 weeks time on our honymoon. I can't wait to get there and relax for 2 weeks.
  • I am 16+2 but will be 20 weeks when I go to Florida. Think from all the above replies that we should be fine - just need to be sensible and drink lots etc. Can't wait - am so pasty white! x
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