severe constipation advice pleasee

hi i have nipped over from the due in april forum, just wondered if anyone could advice me i am sat in tears from poo that wont come out of my bum sorry tmi but i cant budge it, its been almost a week since my last bowel movement i dont know what to do, will lactalose help me how long will it take and will it soften the bunged up bit so i can pass it? i am so embarrassed but i am so in pain please any advice please xx

chloe 13wks


  • thanks sb, i have an appointment at 4.50 i amhoping he can help me!!
  • i think i was given lactolose so that might help (always worth checking before you take it). Otherwise it's just standard good nutrition advice:

    lots of wholegrains and fibre - so swap your white breads, pastas and rices for their brown equivalents
    lots of water and reduce your caffeine to be well hydrated
    exercise to keep your digestive system from being too sluggish - even if it's just walking around if too knackered to do much else
    dried fruits, particularly apricots, and generally your fruit and veg for the day as its also fibre rich
    not too much food that is high in sugar or fat as it cloggs things up

    good luck - i feel for you but one of those side effects of pregnancy as our hormones relax everything for the baby but that means our bowels slow down too

    the joys eh!!

  • Hi chloe,
    ask your doc for lactulose, you'll get it free now on prescription. it will soften the hard stool and usually works overnight. i know lots of preg ladies who have used it. after it has worked, try not to get into that cycle again by eating prunes etc as the others have said. easier said than done i know!
  • I hate this problem!!!!
    I take fibregel - try not to strain or you'll get piles aswell....:cry:
  • I suffered with this once before, and went to see GP. He gave me some lactolose but warned it tasted vile!! Luckily that night I managed to have a poo so didn't need to take it. Its at the back of the cupboard just incase I need it for future!! LOL!!

    SB has a good one though - prune juice is meant to be good!! As are plums.


  • thanks girls, i am in absoultue agony but off to docs shortly, i am not gonna try and go anymore today i dont think as its really hurting me all over, gonna get some med and drink some warm prune juice and hopefully it wont be another weeks till it pops out! i already have the dreaded piles so it makes it worse!! although they are getting better as i have used anusol, it will be a week tommoz when i last pooed, but i aint strainng anymore nhs direft said it was bad for you, thanks againx
  • Arghh, I suffered with this so badly in my first pregnancy, that I ended up with two HUGE piles. Not very pleasant.
    My MW said I could use lactulose and I checked with my GP and he said it was fine. It definitely worked, and I managed to pass a monster about 8-12 hours after taking it. Dont suffer and DONT strain, you will end up with piles, and theyre a pain in the arse - literally.
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