bleeding nose

im 22+3 wheni woke uo this morning i blew my nose and had a loads of blood in the tissue
it was fresh to because it was red then i had the taste of blood on my mouth
has anybody else had this ?image


  • nope but i'd assume it a pressure release thing image don't worry about it i wake with that occassionally. My partner also gets nose bleeds for no apparent reason image
  • Fudgeedaa has got a great tip for dealing with that over on general chat image
  • hi i have never experienced nosebleeds until i fell pregnant and i had loads! its the increased blood supply in your body and i had an horrndous nosebleed when i was pushing in labour hope this helps? xx
  • I've had 4 really bad nose bleeds since I've been pregnant (am 30+1) and the Dr and midwife just said its normal, I know its not nice but nor are a lot of the things we have to suffer during pregnancy, its just one of those things.x
  • Hi I am 20 weeks and last week I experienced nose bleeds on blowing my nose. As Hayley says I think it is due to the increased blood flow.
    Mary xx
  • HI, I've had this too and my midwife also said not to worry. I just make sure I have tissues in my bag incase it starts when I am out!!

    Liz x
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