PLEASE keep everything crossed for me!

We are due to see baby Angus this morning but I am worried the snow will prevent us from gettng there (hubby waking up now to check it out!) and the snow will stop the sonographer getting there too.

Am so desperate to see him and check everything is OK - my bump is still fairly non existant so now I have gone from annoyed to very worried that he / she is too small.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Joo xxx


  • Hi Joo,
    I hope that you get your scan today,
    try not to worry too much because if they have to cancel they will have to rearrange,
  • Hi Joo,
    Keeping everthing crossed that you and sonographer get to scan today and get to see baby angus XXX
  • Good luck today Joo, I am sure Angus is the perfect size just maybe in an awkward position. Will you get more pics to show us? x
  • Aww hon - we got a scan today as well, but we have NO snow at all. I'll swap you if you want then you can get to see Angus and hopefully put your mind at ease.

    But everything will be fine! You're doing a brilliant job of baking him/her. Everyone is different through pregnancy - some people show from 3 months, others dont show much till they're 8 months....

    Hope you can get your scan done.

  • Hi love,

    I am sure all is ok please try not to worry though easier said than done, the snow is much better today and so fingers crossed you can all get there.

    Let us know how you get on image

    K xx
  • hi joo, fingers crossed that the snow doesn't stop you from getting to your scan, i'm sure angus is fine, i didn't think i'd grown much over this past couple of weeks untill dh showed me photos from a couple of weeks ago and i have grown i think it's just because you see yourself everyday you don't realise how much you are growing, take care out on the snow and let us know how it's gone
  • ah joo. i have my fingers and toes crossed for u hee hee.
    keep us updated, and good luck!

  • Thank you everyone! I have popped on a new post!

    Joo xxx
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