fed up!

Hi, the past week i have been feelin crap, within myself and the way OH being distant towards me!
I am just 37 weeks PG and i am seriusly thinking of trying some caster oil!!!
i know the baby isnt qiute ready to come out but i feel the need 2 try and urge my baby 2 come.
is it wrong to have thoughts like this and should i leave my baby 2 come when shes ready?? xx


  • Double post!!!

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  • grrr BE ate my post!

    Hi hun, I know exactly how you feel with regards to wanting the baby out- its perfectly normal!

    Since 37wks i've tried sex, curry, long walks, pineapple, rasp leaf tea and clary sage oil- but nothing has worked! I think its a case of they come when there ready!

    Hope you feel better soon

    Gem xx


  • nice to know im n ot on my own lol!!!
    thanx xx
  • nice to know im n ot on my own lol!!!
    thanx xx
  • You are not on your own babe,
    I have also felt like this since 37 weeks :\(

    and like Gem I have tried everything, and nothing.
    It is SOOOO frustrating :cry:

    Im just keep trying to be positive & thinking Im gna have my babygirl soon.
    easier said than done though ay.

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