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Hi everyone

Does anyone no if it is ok to use the sleepin/gro bag thingys for newborns and also what tog is suitable for use when.


Lizzy xxx


  • We have a grobag and it is suitable from around 7 1/2lb - it does have a weight on it but I can't remember exactly. We only used it a couple of times when lo was newborn though because it was huge on him and bunched up at the bottom of his basket. We started using it again a couple of weeks ago when he was around 8 weeks old and it doesn't look quite so huge on him now.

    The one I have comes with a thermometer to tell you what tog rating goes with what thermometer and what they should be wearing with it. We currently have a 2.5tog one and lo wears vest and babygrow even though it only says vest. Thats for a room thats around 15 degrees.

    Try the grobag website - I've a feeling I've seen the info online somewhere and I think it was there.
  • Have jst been on the website and it has a whole section bout togs, and size etc Thank u!!
  • We use them all the time and LO loved them i would recommend them to anybody its definitely worth buying one. If u look on a website like they sell them and u can read about them so should say what birth weight they are suitable for. We didnt start using ours until LO was put into her cot though (from 6mnths) as we didnt feel we needed one until then but feel much safer having one now she is in her own bedroom as she cannot wriggle under the covers but doesnt keep waking up because she is cold

    Hannah xx
  • Hiya,
    I looked on kiddicare and some of them are much cheaper however they don't have the right size and tog but i've got a while yet so hopefully they'll get some in!
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