sorry tmi but discharge

what colour should discharge be during pregnancy???


  • hi. it should be clear to creamy in colour and definatly not smelly or dark yellow or blood stained as this could indicate an infection.xxxx
  • I was worried about this too. Pen is correct.

  • Mine is some times clear and some times a pale yellow colour, mentioned this to mw who said it was perfectly normal and that it was a good sign if there was a change to your discharge (in colour and amount of) in early pregnancy!!
  • mine is like funkymonkey's. my discharge has increased since getting pregnant and i do find myself having to run to loo to check it isn't red! i wear pantyliners to monitor everything and i sometimes find that it dries a different colour to what it was when it came out (sorry tmi!) as in it sometimes becomes more yellow when dry even though it was clear when it came out.

    xxx (9 weeks)
  • I have almost exactly what mrs_e described! Don't really have that much more discharge than pre-preg, but when it dries it tends to be a bit yellow, which has never happened before.

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