Your views on Preseed!

Just wondering if anyone has got good stories about preseed, as thinking of trying it? x Jess from TTC forum

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  • hey i got my bfp first month of using it and had been ttc 10 months with 1 mc.
    I am now 8+3
    good luck hun
  • Hi hun

    I bought this and used it to be honest it never really did very much for us, apart from help when i was not really in the mood. As soon as I stopped using it I fell image

    K xx

  • i got my BFP the month i brought it.. even though i never used it lol!!!

    I have heard alot of good stories about it and girls getting there BFP month of using it. There is no harm in trying it hun?

  • We got our BFP the first month of using preseed on our 4th month of trying so I would recommend it.

  • I think it's fab stuff. I was on Clomid which really dried up my cm (sorry - tmi!) and I'm convinced the Preseed really helped.
  • Hey Jess how you doing I know 2bsmart has just used it and sounds like she's got her bfp, afew ladies on here said that it worked for them, sorry I would not know. Just wanted to say hi and hope your doing ok.


  • ive just used mine so i'l tell you wheni get my bfp lol,were on month 8 i have heard some really good things about it and people getting their bfps using it,its not cheap but well worth it for a positive outcome x
  • I got BFP first month of using it too

    17+5 x
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