whats a doppler

This may sound extremely stupid but i'm only about 6/7 weeks and this is my first baby, wondered if someone could tell me what this is? Am assuming from reading other comments that it's something so you can hear the heart beat. When do these work from and are they any good? x


  • Hi Hun - yeah they're just a small machine with a wire that come off it to bounce sounds back to the machine. So it'll pick up on your pulse/ heartbeat, your babies heartbeat, gas moving around your gut etc etc. You use it with gel that they use for ultrasounds and it's really really useful. They start from about 10 weeks - depending on the doppler and are a godsend. I would def recommend one - but you can't get too hung up on it - there will always be some times when you can't find the heartbeat - it doesn't mean it's not there! Hope that helps xxx
  • thanks that's great x
  • I have the angelsounds one from ebay & its great, so reassuring getting to listen to the heartbeat everyday, mine worked from 12 weeks onwards, very faint at first tho !!
  • I have the angelsounds one too - they're about ??20 and they are fab. Wouldn't be without mine, daily listens, just like coxley! xx
  • wow. i think i might get one of those.
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