when is normal for heartburn?

hi im 16 weeks and have started getting really bad heartburn today. i never ever have heartburn, except last time i was preg. is it normal to get it this early tho?


  • i'd say so, everyone is different tho, seems like i've had it forever and gaviscon just doesn't do anything for me anymore, its making nighttime really uncomfortable for me, really struggling to sleep thro it!!

    Samantha 35+4
  • Hi laura

    I suffered with heatburn from day one with my first and thought I had escaped it with this one......but no...I am now 24+4 and it has hit me hard!!!! Think I willget refreshers eeryone seems to suggest them and they def taste better than gaviscon lol.

    Take care & get some refreshers!!!!

    Hannah x x x
  • normal! from day 1 for some people, ive had it from about 16 weeks too. refreshers are good but u need to have a few if u have it bad. polos are good and trebor extra strong. if i havent got any rennies (which i live on) i have boiled sweets as they do the job until i get to the shop!
    i get reflux as well (sorry tmi lol) which burns sometimes and the rennies come up so then again need something else...cant quite find the right remedy,.... im hoping to go into labour soon maybe that will shift it!!

    holly (39+6)
  • i found that love hearts help me!! try them they are nicer than gaviscon
  • i had horrendous heartburn the day i went ot docs and said i think i'm pregnant i'd had it for about a week by tht point. after 2 weeks it settled into nausea image then 2 weeks again that settled too image
  • Hi Laura

    I suffered from heartburn & indigestion in the earlier stages too which (touch wood!!) has disappeared since about week 22 so I'm hoping it stays that way. If the usual over the counter remedies don't work i'd recommend visiting your GP as the preg-safe tablets they prescribed me really helped xx


  • Hi, I've had heartburn from day 1. So far gaviscon has helped, hoping it doesn't stick around my whole pregnancy! I'm 17+6 today. Hope you feel better. xxxx
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