Lower abdomen pains

I've just started getting pains in my tummy at the bottom, i can feel baby has hiccups, i'm going to go for a walk to mil house to put the pram together when hubby gets home from work and see if anything comes of it. I'm probably making it in to something its not as i am that impatient. xxx



  • join the club, ive been trying to ignore the feelings ive been having all day but i still cleaned the house and did the dishes just incase i need to call MW round dont want her thinking i am a messy cow.
    Bh are getting really uncomfortable now but even though i really want my baby im to scared to go into labour

    still fingers crossed for us both
    melissa 36+1

  • I hope something happens i can't take all this waiting, it's like waiting for christmas. xxx


  • So frustrating isnt it?! The more people say ' he/she will come when its ready' is the most bloody irrating thing yet. Just because that is true doesn't make it any easier! I went 41+6 with my 1st LO so am really hoping this lil fella decides to come early!!!!


  • i know its horrible, espesially now ive finished work i dont seem to have anything else to look forward to, ive finished work and had my 2year old birthday so now its just counting down the days, mind my MW yesterday says she dosnt think ill go much further as babys head is so deeply engaged,
    My DH on the other hand would rather hed taken his driving test before baby comes, think he thinks ill drive myself to the hospital hehe

  • I've got a lovely tea planned for tonight a whole pinapple and raspberry leaf tea yummy NOT i am so desperate for this baby to come out i will do anything. I'm going to jump on hubby when he gets home to, he won't know whats hit him (could be fun as im the size of an elephant lol) xxx


  • ive been eating pinapple all day only problem is my little one has been eating it too so probably not had as much as i think i have,
    dont have the energy to jump my DH plus my crotch is really painful at the mo, but another week and ill definatly be taking advantage of his services even if he dosnt want to, lol

    well fingers crossed for you tonight, im going to pick DH up from work now and then going out for a very hot curry

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