God damn heartburn!!

Ahhh! Been up since 3.30am this morning with heartburn i cant get shut off! Been recommending rennie soft chews to everyone with heartburn but now when i need em most they arent bloody working! Never had it this bad and its driving me crackers!



  • ohhhh poor you ! You have my total sympathy as I posted similar thread in babies due march forum. I had it pretty much whole pregnancy. It peaked at 18 weeks then seemed to go for a while! Now I 31 weeks and it back! Its evil!
    I taking gaviscon liquid but am seeing doc and mw on thurs so going to ask for something stronger. I cant eat, sleep and am totally miserable. going to try peppermint tea and fennel (tea or other form) which someone recommeneded. I find its not as bad if I eat little but often and keep off spicey, breads, sweet stuff. Basically bland boring food. I am a foodie and i really miss food!!!!!! The onl plus point is I am losing loads of weight from me as I just not eating enough. Baby fine and well though!
    d x
  • Hi there sorry to butt in but i suffered from it really bad with my 2 and i ad to go to doctors, he prescribed me summat called colantcol or colanticon summat like that!! anyway it tasted rammy but it did the job!! Gud look!!
  • I am going through it too - at 4 o'clock this morning I ended up drinking 2 pints of milk and that seemed to calm it down. Even my gaviscon advance hasnt really worked lately - just milk!
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