My boobs seem to have grown so much I can't seem to control them..!! I was not exactly small before I was pregnant but now - well - enormous.. would be about right... Husband thinks its fantastic - I just think Yuk..!

But I have recently started a new thing... now that its so cold - my boobs feel like they are about to explode when I am outside... ie in the cold... inside in the warm - no problem at all - outside.. pure hell..!

Has anyone else felt this... I am 15+3....



  • no sorry hun i cant say i have but your abit further on than i am im only 10 +4, so i may experience it later on !! bet you hubby is very pleased he now has his own Jordan LOL xxx
  • Yes, mine get all tingly and a bit sore when they get cold and can feel a bit uncomfortable! Mine have grown a bit but i havent bought a new bra yet.
  • Well my boobs haven't grown at all. I think they have gotten smaller! and the look so ugly. Veiny!! I'm 33+5. Everyone else in my family who have had babies, their boobs grew...but mine?...No! and i'm only small so it would have been nice for a bit.

    Sorry bout my rant and moan!

    Heather and mij
  • mine have gone up a cup size from b to a c there still growing image i love t but my chest it very veiny too its horrible image
  • During my first pregnancy I went from a c cup to a F/G. I felt enormous- afterwards they went down to a DD. Just make sure they are well supported and if you find you are growing keep going and getting measured- don't tell the person measuring the size your wearing til they tell u wot ur measuring if you can help it. I think sometimes they add a cup size just to sell a new bra!!
  • my nipples hurt like hell too when it's cold feels like there going to drop off as for size i went up 2 cup sizes initially very quickly (by 12 weeks) but haven't really grown since. They have started leaking mainly at night. (sorry tmi)
  • I'm 15+4 and mine get very itchy but not necessarily because of the cold. I have also just had to buy new bras having gone from 36c to 38d in a matter of weeks (and still growing!). Hubby says more than a handful is NOT a waste!! xx
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