This is driving me crazy!!!!!!!

Its stupid a clock in the morning and i cant sleep cause im itching like crazy all over and its driving me mad!!! Im covered in cuts and bruises from the constant scratching and my partner is not very tolerant with me right now as i cant stop scratching. Has anyone else suffered from this, ive tried all the creams, my docs have done tests and said my liver functon is fine, but nothing is working its just getting worse and worse, c'ing doc at hospital Monday who might refer me to dermotologist! Im so tired, this is baby no5 and ive been fine before, im only 25 weeks and its getting me down!! Can anyone help???:\(


  • Morning perdycat I havent had all over itching and not everyday but occasionally Ive had really itchy hands and feet and it is so annoying so I can sympathise with you but unfortunately I dont have any magic remedies or potions to tell you about I put cold moisturiser on and that help a bit ask to be tested again cause Ive heard OC can take a while to show up in tests good luck on mpnday hope you get it sorted x x Sarah
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