hi all just wondered if anyone has or is experiencing light headedness and dizzinesss i am 5 weeks and i keep having this symptom also very tired im taking supplements so dont think im lacking in anything

any advice please



  • hi sez! i have this all the time every time im doing something for a while i get dizzy and have to sit down! think its normal lol im 7 weeks
  • thank god i was getting a bit worried really worried about everything at mo im a hypochondriac lol

    thank you
  • i'm 8 weeks and i have the same problem. This can be down to several things. don't forget tho that your BP drops due to the amount the baby uses, by your 2nd trimester there are 2.5 EXTRA pints of blood in your system! don't panic if it gets too much ellivate feet above head or sit/lie down to help. If you are still unable to do much seek advice from GP. image my BP went from 120/70 - 90/55 in a week image still dizzy or light head often through out the day and thats sat down at my desk lol i just relax and take a few breaths and it usually goes on its own.
  • i have had this all the way through (im 36+5) and it wasnt until today that a midwife actually gave me some advice for it. i always have breakfast and still get this dizzy fainting feeling and have to put feet up or lie down or woteva.. wellshe said to me that i shoudl have a more substantial breakfast ie cereal AND toast or beans on toast, and not have too much sugary things as if you have say sugary porridge (for example) your sugar goes high then when it goes low again u get that horrible feeling. so keep an eye on your diet. i tend to have late breakfast and then have lunch a couple of hours later, to keep me going.
    dono if any of that helps!
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