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Friend has gone into labour :-)

I am so excited for her, I worked with her and she was due on the 18th Feb but baby picked today to come. Got a text at 7 this morning saying she had been in labour since 2am and her waters had broken but contraction coming between 13- 30 mins so she was still at home.

K xxx


  • aww good luck to her!!! do u no what she is having?
    luv clare

  • No not yet I have a funny feeling it will be a boy though she just looked like she was carrying a boy image

    It's so exciting to think she is going through that right now you know and will see her baby soooo soon if she has not already.

    K xx
  • im soo jealuse!!! I am due today and getting realy annoyed that nothiong is happening! Wish her luck x
  • Oh hun I will do. She felt the same she really thought the baby was going to come on the due date the 18th but has gone over, they say this can happen with your first one.

    I still have not heard anything yet.

    K xx
  • Morning hun, have you heard anything from your friend yet?xx
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