pee'd off

ok, so story so far, at 9+3 had a bleed after bd'ing. everything seemed fine, doctor said probably nothing to worry about. I was still getting loads of symptoms and have started to feel tummy getting swollen and more solid. Last monday had pink cm once when I went to the bathroom, but only after wiping.

So anyway, now im nearly 13 weeks so decided today to do some ironing as I had quite a back log. So stood ironing for about 3 hours today and made a nice roast dinner. Just went to the bathroom and tiny red/pink spots on tissue after wiping. No cramps or anything out of the ordinary so not worried but obviously im going to do nothing else for the night and take it easy tomorrow. But im getting really hacked off. Im not sick, the nausea isnt coming nearly as regularly so I just want to try and get on with things as normal.

Not really sure what my point is here, just feeling frustrated!!

Lisa xxx


  • Hi Lisa, when are you having a scan? This might make you feel a lot better and may put everything at ease, see if you can get an early scan but looking at your dates you most prob have one booked quite soon I imagine??? xxxx
  • HI hun - i understand how pee'd off you must be - i keep wanting to do so much but im terrified.
    im sure all is fine - you've got your scan this week haven't you hun?
    Take it easy xxx
  • My scan is a week tomorrow. Im sure it was nothing as it was literally the smallest spots when I wiped once and that was it. Its just that sinking feeling when you notice as you dont know if its the start of something heavier. So now im afraid to move!!
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