Ouch! LO keeps kicking my belly button! Gross!

HI everyone,

has anyone else had this problem?
My baby is breech and i'm in agony when she is moving around and feels like my belly button is going to split!
Anyone know how to get her to move or stop doing it!! Prob not but i'm getting desperate! I've tried pushing slightly so she can't push against it so much but she just pushes against my hand.

Its so horrible and can't believe i've got another 10 weeks of this! NOooooooooooooooooo!!

Sorry to whinge! xxx


  • oh i remember this happening i swear one time i saw a foot shaped thing push my belly button so far out it was like a seen from alien!!

    unfortunatly there's not much u can do ,aybe try laying on ur side so gravity moves her to the side slightly or maybe its time to start the disapline and have a quite word with her that she's not naughty but what shes doing is and mummy will not tolerate this! lol..........unfortuantly this likely to fail and u may just have to put up with it!!
  • hahaha, sorry to laugh hun but my little man keeps doing that too! :lol: I'm not sure which way up he is to be honest so it could be kicks or punches, but it feels like he's playing football with what's remaining of my belly button!! I will def have an 'outie' soon if he carries on like this!!

    I read somewhere that the movements are now supposed to reduce as we get closer to our due dates so you might get some relief soon. But if your little girl is anything like my little boy, the movements are still going strong & getting heftier by the day!! xx


  • I'm going through exactly the same thing ladies...lo movements are now so strong they really hurt sometimes and i get a foot sticking out mostly on my right hand side which is so uncomfortable and no matter what i do baby is obviously comfy so won't move! just think tho in about 8-9 weeks time our little ones should hopefully start making appearances so we'll have our bodies back!!! x x
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