had my baby girl!!

Hi all, just thought i let u know i had my baby girl last thursday!!
i came home from hospital sunday afternoon after a scary birth!
I went into labour tuesday so went threw to hospital and spent the night in the relaxation room, but i was only 2cm dialated and wasnt showing any signs of progression, so went home wednesday.
Around 5p.m same day my contractions got stronger, i sat them out until they were coming very hard and fast, about 4 every 10 mins. so went back threw to hospital and was put in to labour room. i went on gas and air until i was 8cm dialated then had pethadin.
They was monitoring me and baby as i had c-section with 1st baby and babys heart rate was droping! they took some blood from her head and tested it to find she was lacking oxygen! so they told me i had to have a c-section to get baby out a.s.a.p!!!
By this time i was out of it on drugs.
the next thing i know i was waking up in a room with 2 nurses, My partner told me they had to ressusatate (cant spell it!!) baby as she was not breathing! She spent the next 2 days in intensive care hooked up to wires and tubes threw her nose! Very scary
but she has now made a full recovery and looks to be no long term damage.
And now i have a beautifull baby girl and so proud of her for being so strong and pulling threw this.


  • Hi love,

    Congrats on your little girl you poor thing having to go through that and your poor hubby having to know they were doing that to his little girl. I am sooo pleased she is all better now and safe home with mummy and daddy.

    K xx
  • so glad all is well now hun,congratulations xxx
  • Congratulations hope your both doing ok after that scary few days.


  • Really glad all is now well, huge congratulations hon xx
  • Congratulations on having your baby, sounds quite scary but good you had some top treatment for you and your child, I'm good for you and your family, well done! Come show us some photos of your lo if and when you want, have you thought of any names?

  • Gosh - that must have been so scarey but so pleased all is well now and congratulations on having your little girl.
    What have you named her?
  • God that was so scary, but i'm glad she came out the other side unscathed! so a very big Congrats to you and your family hunni xxxx

  • You just dont expect things like that to happen to you do you!?! Its certainly not something I have factored in with my homebirth although I know its rare. Very scary for you I can imagine but at least all is well now - huge congrats!!!

  • Congratulations! So pleased your little girl and you pulled through OK x
  • Wow quite a scary few days for you all then but so please she is a strong little girlie! Congratulations honey, how much did she weigh?
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl, so sorry your labour was particularly traumatic though. I hope you are all settling in well at home now and enjoying being a family.

    30+4 x
  • Congratulations to you! Glad she is ok now....looking forward to some pictures xx K 19+0
  • Congrats hun glad youre both ok



  • oh dear how very scary for you. so glad that both you and baby are ok now xx
  • hi, thanks for the replies.
    She wiegheda healthy 8lb 2oz, and i have named her olivia. so proud of my baby girl and OH for being so good, i know he was scared out of his mind and he was all alone in labour siute!! xx
  • god how scary, so glad all's well now, lovely name. hope you're recovering well.
    Ames x
    28 wks
  • What a scary experience so glad you are both ok and congratulations xxxx
  • Congrats, glad you're both ok now.
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