Ordered my Birthing Ball

Well I shopped around on the internet and have ordered a birthing ball off e-bay ball, its one of the antiburst ones.

I looked at all sorts of reviews and apparently they are the same as exercise balls and you can get one from Argus for ??5.98 but when I looked at the Argus website the reviews were poor as apparently it does not come with a pump and easily deflates. Also it is recommended you get your own ball as the ones at the hospitals are quite soft as they get used so much, I obviously dont know if thats true or not but Im having a porblem imaginy my o.h carrying me, my maternity bag and a bloody big blue ball into the hospital whilst im freaking out in pain but we shall see.

Anyway Ive downloaded some exercises and apparently they are good with back pain and help your pelvic floor so hopefully there will be no more little 'accidents' when I sneeze!

Georgie xx 19+4


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