Confused, oh and tmi

hey ladies
i'm asking you guys as i really am not sure if all the things i'm feeling are normal or something bad or just me being new and sensitive.
am now about 5+2 and still feel like af is on her way. mainly cos i feel well (and here's the tmi) so moist. is it normal to feel wet? have had a little pain too but nothing thats too bad and i figure its just my body moving and adjusting. am working on the theory that if its just dull, dealable pain then it can wait till i see the doc but if it gets to the make me wince unbearable stage then i will call the docs. have my first appointment with the doc on wednesday and will ask him about the pain but as he's a strange old man i didnt want to talk to him about the "moistness" can anyone help?

mistralx :\?


  • Hey i cant help but just wanted to say i am 5 weeks and am also v moist 'down there' and also have the odd sharp pain in (.)(.) and stomach so im guessing its normal. I have no other pg symptoms other than hunger so its a little unnerving but hoping its all normal. I wd actually prefer symptoms as im having a hard time believing it! xxx
  • Hi Congrats lm 13 wks 2morro and at the beginning had cramps but l ws told it ws normal. The pain is just everything moving around to accommodate baby but if it gets severe then contact the hos. lm still feeling quite moist but l read its just ur body keeping tht particular area clear of infection but look out for signs of thrush cos thts quite common in pregnancy.hope lve helpedx
  • thanks for that ladies. glad it all sounds kinda normal. pain is definately not severe, kinda feels like af type cramping. will talk to the doc on wednesday, am sure that if he's worried then he'll refer me for an early scan. thanks for answering the questions i didnt want to ask the old doc.
  • hi i am 23 wks now but had a lot of cramp type pain in the beginning in this pregnancy and last, and was told its just things streching etc. also i get alot of moistness, and i think alot of discharge is normal too, as long as it doesnt get smelly or a funny colour (sorry tmi).;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

    i have heard a lot of people say they get dryer making sex a problem so could yourself lucky!
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