Weight Gain

Can anyone advise me. Im 24 weeks pregnant and a first timer. My weight has been fairly normal up untill about three weeks ago, since then my bumb has gotten realy massive, is this normal and will it continue to grow at this rate?


  • Everyone is different when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy - but your body is storing up fat that you'll need when lo is born. I put on weight all over and it's scary how your body changes. The average amount of weight women gain during preg is 2ish stone - I put on 3 though! Lost 1 stone in 3 days after the baby was born though (stil working on the rest!!). I found I had some times when I put on more weight at some points than others. As long as you know you're keeping healthy don't worry - weight can be lost!! x
  • Cheers for the info, I tend to worry about the weight gain as both my mum and sister had toximia with each pregnancy. Ive already gained a stone and havnt even reached the third trimester. I dont get it, Im watching what I eat.
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