crampy pains at 21 wks

hiya im new to here! ive had period like cramps since i found out i was preg but they come and go, now they have comeback, and although they are not painful its just a worry! ne 1 else had this problem? xxthanks


  • hi bumpee, I had these two and spoke to the midwife last week who assured me that it was just everything moving and pulling and nothing to worry about, however I did go in and see her and she let me hear the heartbeat which put my mind at rest. If you are worried I would give your midwife a call.
  • I have the same thing and its a relief to know I'm not the only one! Like tamarabell's midwife said its just things being pulled around. Do you know how far along you have to be to be able to hear a heart beat? That would really put me at ease.
  • urm i know that when i was 15 + 6 at the hosp they hear it with a machine but i dnt realli know if they can hear it b4, i suppose it depends on where it is laying xx
  • Hi girls the first time I heard the heart beat at 16 weeks but you can sometimes hear it sooner! Try not to worry too much either, I had my 20 week scan today and everything is perfect so I have calmed down now!
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