does any1 get kicked way down

hey all am 23weeks and baby mainly kicks me real low, sometimes feels like baby is kicking me in my privates, ahem, any1 else experiance this too?? image xxx


  • yeah i have felt really low kicks ! not good when he kicks me straight in the bladder and i literally have to run to the loo!lol but ocasionally he does a somersault and wedeges a foot in my ribs!!
    carly 28 weeks
  • Definitely! I keep thinking why doesn't he spread out a bit and stop kicking me so low down, although having said that i'll probably be thinking differently when he is kicking me in the ribs like carlyfee said!
  • definitely! This is where the majority of my kicks are - and you are right - you feel them 'down there'!! The last 3 weeks or so I have been feeling them out on my sides and up in my ribs too which is nice as it is somewhere different! Obviously mine aren't really hard yet though otherwise I will probably be thinking differently!

    Tara 26+6
  • when i was pregnant with dd2 she kicked me really low for the first few weeks and hubbie would have to literally put his hand down my undies to feel her kicking it was that low!!strange!it did eventually get higher though xx
  • ah good to hear its not just my baby being a cheeky monkey then,,lol, yeh kicks arnt har enough to hurt me yet as only 23wks but they do make me wana wee, and i fink as baby gets bigger tenna ladies may be indeed needed image lol, Xxx
  • Yes me too!!! Angus saves it for the weekend when we are out and about!!! :lol:

    If he / she is really low down and gets the hiccups and I am sitting down, I can feel it near me bum!!!

  • Oh my god yes!
    Sometimes she kicks so low that I almost expect a foot to 'appear '. It is very strange!
  • I know how you feel on sunday night I thought the baby was going to fall out of me at one point, they get a bit painfully some times o sunday I had to get on all four to move the baby it worked !!
  • Yep, I was getting hit down low but have since discovered it can't be kicks as baby's bum is up near my navel so the little darling must be punching me!!!!!!! It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it is really repetitive and uncomfortable image I do wonder if baby is trying to find a way out :lol:

    36 +2

  • I get them loads. Mainly headbutts or fists lol. Watched it on the scan. Really hurts now. 32 weeks gone little darling gonna be here soon. I may be able to have a night sleep without having to go to the loo ova 15 times.
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