pregnancy symptoms?

I was just wondering how early you ladies experienced your 1st pregnancy symptoms? x


  • I started with morning sickness at bowt 5 weeks xxxx
  • My neice started to get heartburn and sickness two days before her af was due. Weird, how different it can be for everyone. xx
  • No way thats mad lol. When did you get your first symptoms? xxx
  • Im not pregnant at the moment, although trying for no 6! I started feeling sick at 6wks with my other pregnancys but no other signs. Is this your 1st? x
  • v. exciting time for you then. hope you get your little miracle soon!!! yeah, am bricking it lol. will be a single mum so very scared. how old are your little ones? xxx
  • Youll be fine! Im married but most of the time it feels like im a single mum! lol. My eldest son is 22yrs, daughter 19yrs, daughter 11yrs, son 7yrs and son 11mths. Its wonderful being a mum, good luck with your lo. xx
  • Hi all
    I didn't really get any symptons as such, so was a bit panicky until the 12 week scan & could see LO! Am eternally grateful for not suffering with morning sickness tho - i was just extremely tired in 1st trimester & now started back as i've hit the 3rd!!
    Good luck & spk sn
    Sarah xx
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