When should we be doing the 10 movements a day thing??!

HI everyone,
I've just noticed that I haven't felt my baby move all day. She is normally pretty active so its a bit weird.
She went for nearly a day last week too but was fine after.
I've just started to get shooting pains down there and thats when I realised I haven't felt her today.
I'm sure all is ok but you know what its like, we worry about everything! I'll feel silly asking my mum so thought i'd ask you guys!
Thank you so much,
Amy xx
25 weeks


  • I think its from 30 wks, I had a few days where I didn't feel the baby move for a few days at 27wks and went to hospital to get monitored. They said everything was fine and because the baby was still quite small thats why I wasn't feeling so much.
    If you are really worried i would say call your local maternity unit, better to be safe than sorry. Let us know what you decide to do and how it goes.
    P.S have you tried a cold drink or having something sugary, that should get baby moving xxx
  • Thank you babydevil.
    I'm going to drink a glass of lemonade now. I've had to stop drinking it cuz she goes crazy normally!
  • Let us know how it goes, something they just get themselves into funny positions and can be kicking into the inside iyswim? Also do you know if you have an anterior placenta? That can stop you feeling the baby move to much. Hope Ive been of some help. Keep us posted on how it goes xxx
  • Hi again!! I've just felt 2 kicks! I think that means she is ok, she'll probably go crazy now as i've just drunk so much lemonade!!
    I'm still getting the shooting pains 'down there' though, ouch! Probably just another joy of pregnancy. Pregnancy is so unattractive sometimes!
    Thank you so much babydevil.
    Oh and I have no idea if I have an anterior placenta, probably not or i guess i would know!
  • Im glad you can feel lo move. I have an anterior placenta and only found out when I couldnt feel the lo move, it just means your placenta is at the front and that can stop you feeling some movement. xxx
  • Hi,

    If you have the notes from your scan it should say on there where the baby is joined to the placenta.

    My lo seems to go crazy if I eat anything sugary too, always good if you need reassuring! =)
    Glad all is ok.

    Liz x
  • Just to let you know i'm nearly 32 wks and haven't been told to monitor the babs movements yet even tho i feel more the 10 movements in a day x
  • Hi,
    I've read in "The Pregnancy Bible" it's from 28 weeks. You should be able to monitor 10 or more movements between 9am and 9pm.
    Try searching the internet-The NHS Direct website is quite good for information.
    Hope this helps,

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