Anyone pg and had amc?

Hi all

I just found out Im pregnant 3 months after having a mc, and I am really nervous and scared, which I assume is only natural. I should be 5 weeks on Tuesday.

Has anyone gone through a similar thing and if so, how did you try to remain positive about it?

Please help as I really really want to enjoy being pregnant, not scared stiff?


  • I had a very early miscarrige about 3 months before I got pregnant with Millie (now 21 months). To be honest I was worried sick when I got pregnant again, especially when I had some spotting at 7 and 9 weeks, but it all turned out perfectly. It is natural to worry when you have had one mc already but all you can do is just focus on one day at a time. A really large number of women lose their first, most of the time it is passed off as a late period, and nearly all go on to have a baby successfully. I am now on pregnancy number 2 (36+4) but even this time I didn't really relax untill I could feel movement on a daily basis!
    Hope you have a healthy nine months
    Kerry xx
  • Me too- I have 2 healthy boys but had a mc last Oct so was petrified when I caught again in March. Basically I refused to acknowledge 'it' was there until I had got to 12 weeks and even now I panic. I was told the risk of mc is no greater after 1 mc and as bedhead says lots of ladies lose babies and then go on to have normal pregs after so there isn't any real reason not to enjoy it.
    Congratulations xxxxx
  • hi sevans! congratulations! if possible, you could ask for an early scan just for reassurance, but i dont know what different areas are like for pushing them thru' for you!
  • Hi. I had a mc at 7 weeks last December with my first. When I became pregnant again this time, although I knew I was pregnant, I delayed taking the test as all I could focus on initially was getting beyond the point where I'd lost the other one. After taking the test and getting to 8 weeks hubby and I then focussed week on week. Every Sunday we'd lie in bed and read what's ahead for the next week. It helped to look forward in small stages. Had slight spotting a few days before my scan was due but nothing significant. 12 weeks still seemed a long time coming though. Had scan at 13 weeks and felt a huge sense of relief to see lo. Have since relaxed (slightly) though hubby and I still do the 'reading what's happening this week' thing each Sunday! My next scan is booked for 21 weeks so that is my next milestone. I think after that one, when they can do more of a check, I will feel even more positive. You can only really take it steady and think positively. I decided it would be shame to go through the whole experience worrying so I am making a conscious effort to enjoy. As time moves on and I feel regular movement I'm sure I will relax more. Try to enjoy and don't worry too much. You can always come on here and share your worries. Take care. Julie x
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