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I need some advise girls

I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and the past few days I have been getting a discharge (which I don't normally get), the discharge has been a light light brownie/yellow colour. I called the midwife to ask her if this is a problem and she said its normal and that they call it an implantation bleed (even though there is no red blood) its when the baby implants itself to the womb. I have also been getting slight cramps from about week 4 and a half. Has anyone else been getting this, I would love to know I am not the only one.


  • hi i had this when i was pregnant it is normal to have the cramps and the discharge if the midwife thought there was something wrong she would have sent u for a scan and the cramps should be like a period pain gem xxxxx
  • Thanks Gem.
    The cramps are like a period pain, I was just worried about the discharge I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this- I got a fright?
  • ur welcome just take it easy and good luck gem xxx
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