hey, just wondering when everyone started feeling braxtons coz i think i felt some last nite, but im not sure. im only 26 weeks but apparently you can feel them any time from 23 weeks. im confused!! they felt like a hard tightening feeling like it was tryin to squeeze the baby out. they happened after sex tho (sorry tmi!!) so maybe it triggered it? any thoughts?

love grace and baby girl xxx


  • I'm sure I have been getting some during the night as they have been walking me up. I'm 29 weeks and has been happening for 2 weeks so I think it's all normal. Just mention it next time you are at the midwife.
  • i wasnt really worried, i just thought they started a lot later on, but i suppose everyone is different!! i felt lo's movements at 16 weeks which is early for a first pregnancy, so maybe i just feel things more!!! thanks for the advice tho, i will mention it to her when i see her next! xxx
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